Autobiography of Jarvis Daniels



Born in Bloomington, Indiana on December 29, 1976 my parents Lee and Donna decided at my young age of two to raise me in Los Angeles, California. I soon adapted to the large volume of people and technologies available at my grasp.

After graduating from Grant High School I decided to move to Nebraska where I lived with my grandparents Don and Verna Lingwall. There I was able to continue more adventures toward my new carreer in computers. I was soon attending college at UNL where my parents bought me my first computer. It was a 133 MHZ Pentium, but I was amazed of the potential power it had. I continued attending the college for two years and meet my fiance' Shawna where she has continued along side with me. After spending all my time on my computer at home when I should of been studying, I soon realized that I needed to do something with computers, thus I began my Computer Programming career.

I attended and graduated from S.C.C. in 2004 and moved back to California where I pursued a career in computer programming. When I look back at what it took to get where I am today, I wouldn't have done it any other way.